PEI-STEP Fellowship Certificate

The central component of PEI's graduate program is the STEP-PEI Fellowship  (PEI-STEP), offered in affiliation with the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. This two-year program enables participating students from outside the WWS to explore the science/policy dimensions of their doctoral research.

Students who complete the requirements of the PEI-STEP fellowship program are awarded a graduate certificate in STEP from the Woodrow Wilson School, in addition to receiving a degree from the department in which the student is enrolled.

PEI-STEP graduate certificate students are required to complete three STEP-approved courses and an advanced policy paper often conceived as a policy chapter of their dissertation. It should be noted that Princeton PhD students can apply for the STEP certificate directly with the STEP Program forgoing the funding option offered via the PEI-STEP fellowship.


The following courses are approved for the 2016-17 academic year. This is a partial list, please contact Chuck Crosby for the complete roster.

WWS 528d Public Management in the Age of Digital Technology, Steven Strauss
WWS 548 Weapons of Mass Destruction and International Security, Christopher Chyba
WWS 571c Topics in Devt: Global Challenges of Infection, Burden and Control, Adel Mahmoud and Bryan T. Grenfell
WWS 581c Topics in Economics: Energy Economics, Amy B. Craft
WWS 586d Topics in STEP: Global Environmental Governance, Michael Oppenheimer
WWS 586f Topics in STEP: Information Technology and Public Policy, David P. Dobkin and Joanna N. Huey
WWS 591d Policy Workshop: State-Level Policies on Renewables in the Energy Sector, Anne E. Hoskins and Jeanne M. Fox


WWS 593n Topics in Policy Analysis: GIS for Public Policy, William G. Guthe and Tsering W. Shawa, Session II
WWS 594o Urbanization, Migration and Climate Change: Evidence and Policy, Deborah Balk, Session II
WWS 594q Environmental Decision-making, Elke Weber, Session II
WWS 594s Climate Change: Science and Policy, Denise L. Mauzerall, Session I

Paper Requirement:

All advanced policy papers submitted in fulfillment of the certificate requirements must be approved by the STEP chair. The paper must be deemed of publishable quality. Oftentimes a policy chapter of the student's dissertation meets this requirement.


PEI-STEP students must identify a STEP adviser in addition to a thesis adviser from their home departments. The STEP adviser is expected to be included on the student’s dissertation committee.

For information on admission and funding, visit the PEI website.